Indira Care Service


Wig Making For A Cause

With the overwhelming response from the general public in donating hair through Ramani Fernando Salons and the high quality wigs made by mr. Lalith Dharmawardana and his team, ICT has been able to support many patients by providing a customised natural hair wig free of charge to patients. The request for wigs comes through Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama, the National Cancer Institute of Sri Lanka, from provincial hospitals and through Sri Lanka’s first Cancer Help Line set up by the ICT.



A detailed application form is filled in and measurements of the head are taken. Three photos of the patient before undergoing treatment and losing hair is requested and the wig is custom made according to these photos.

The wig donation program of the ICT is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers who are involved in the collection of hair as well as handling the wig donation programme every month. Making a wig out of human hair requires much time, effort and ICT bores all costs related to the production of the wig so that it is given free of charge.

When donating the wig, individual counselling is given to patients and they are instructed on how to use the wig and a wig care leaflet is handed over to them with the set of instructions.

One month after receiving the wig, a follow up call is given from ICT to see if there are any issues or problems with the donated wig and patients are called in for correction should there be any issue.

“I had long hair earlier… SO when I lost my hair people were puzzled and used to ask me about it all the time….”
“I am a retired teacher and I used to teach primary school children at home. After my first chemotherapy all my hair fell out. I had to stop the classes and I couldn’t even go out of the house. Children want their teacher to look nice.….”
“Hair is the most important item for women and we only understand the value once we lose our hair.. I was in the house not able to go out.. Even our cat in the house used to get scared of me…”