Indira care Services


Transport Allowance (TA)

Many patients admitted to and discharged from the Apeksha Hospital including when attending clinics / treatment come to ICT requesting support for the transport back to their homes after such treatment courses are completed. This is supported upon submission of the hospital ticket.



“I am from Kuliyapitiya. I lost my husband 15 years ago and I make a living from selling “Kole Kanda”(herbal canjee) I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer last year and did 3 operations. I have Two daughters who are married and cant really help me much. I have a son who works as a laborer on a daily pay. I borrowed money today to come to the clinic. Apart from the transport re-imbursement I was also informed about the financial aid program where help is given o improve a livelihood. I took the forms today to ask for help”

“I am form Balangoda. My husband passed away 20 years ago. I have uterine cancer and have to come to Apeksha Hospital every 21 days. I sew rugs and I have two sons who are both married and does farming. Traveling to Colombo costs money and getting a transport re-imbursement is definitely a great help for me”