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Relaxation Therapy Conducted (Upto May 2019)

Relaxation Therapy (also known as Mind-Body Therapy) is an integral part of the treatment package in developed countries of the West. This is based on the belief that what we think and feel can affect our well being. There is ample evidence available to support this claim and WHO Country Office in Sri Lanka compiled the evidence so that the relaxation therapy could be promoted amongst patients.

This is the first time in Sri Lanka that relaxation therapy has been institutionalised and regular programs are conducted. There have been many activities carried out in support of this including identification of resource personnel for technical supervision, production of guidelines as well as awareness sessions for consultants / hospital staff in order to enhance participation.


Vyasah Kalyanasunderam
Founder – Asranka Yoga Mandir – Sri Lanka, Chief Yoga Instructor – Swami Vivekananda Cultural Center
No 16, R.G. Senanayake Mw, colombo 7
077 727 4859


Lakisha Fernando
Visual Artist, Art Teacher, Art Therapist & Consultant
454/1, Kotte Road, Pitakotte
0773 811 105


Wedasinghe Arachchige Gnanadasa Perera
Professor in philosophy and psychology
203/4 A, Kohalwila Road, Gonawala, Kelaniya
0773 640 293 | 0112 911 605

Scientific evidence supporting Relaxation Therapy

Compiled by : World Health Organization – Country Officer for Sri Lanka

Art Therapy (AT)

Art therapy offers a way to explore and express difficult thoughts and feelings and is a form of emotional support that can be helpful to people who are struggling with difficult and challenging situations. AT can encourage positive feelings, as people enjoy the control and expressive qualities of art, and is supportive to share experiences and connect with other people who are in similar situations. AT may be very helpful for people who feel uncomfortable with tactile and conversational therapies and it can be helpful in supporting families and friends affected by cancer. AT is held every Monday at the foyer of the Razavi Building of Apeksha Hospital.

“Every Day, I come to hospital and go back home with a very bad headache. Today by chance I saw the Art therapy Program and participated. I feel so much better..lighter and most of all I have no headache….”

“My mind was in a turmoil and I had a headache. I participated in Art therapy and felt so much better…”

Special Art Exhibition of Patients who participated in Art Therapy. (December 2018)

The Patron of the ICT, Speaker of Parliament – Hon Karu Jayasuriya on 26th December 2018, declared open a display of art created by patients at the AT session.

Yoga Therapy (YT)

Yoga combines physical movements with our breathing and thoughts. Yoga in its practice of drawing yourself inward provides practitioners with tools to bring about more self-awareness thus gaining more control over their body and mind. The regular practice of Yoga results in multiple benefits for the practitioner. Yoga has been used in cancer management around the world, evidence shows that yoga can reduce cancer-related fatigue. Some of the other benefits of Yoga include inducing a state of relaxation, lowering heart and respiratory rates which in turn contribute to the management of pain and fatigue during cancer treatment. The chief instructor of the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, which is part of the High Commission of India is facilitating and leading a group of yoga therapists & yoga instructors of the Cultural Centre & Astanka Yoga Mandir to conduct the programs at the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama. This is conducted every Wednesday.

“The uneasy and restless feeling I had, ended after I attended the Yoga Session. I feel like continuing Yoga…..”

“I am happy! There is a feeling of lightness. This is similar to medication and helps control one’s Mind, Body and Words. Yoga however also gives more physical relief..”

Music Therapy (MT)

MT is a subject that has become a very popular psychotherapy and among them the use of sound and music therapy has become widespread. This is not only used as a medical science but also as a psychological treatment method. Although there is very little knowledge on music treatment in Sri Lanka, according to applied musical treatment/ theory of music, patients recover to a certain extent from their diseases. Music is used as a supporting therapy for treating physical and mental diseases and hence very important for physical, mental and spiritual health. The music session is conducted in the foyer of the Razavi Building and the patients attend the foyer area or they listen from their respective wards through the PA system.