Support for Blood Investigations, Medication & Equipment


Blood Investigations


Scans (PET)

Genetic blood investigations, which are an essential part of the treatment protocol for children are being supported by ICT, on a regular basis every month. These investigations are not available at Apeksha Hospital. Every month upto 30 blood investigations are done, in addition PET CTs and other investigations which are not available at Apeksha Hospital, are also supported based on requests received.

Blood Tests

All Translocation Panel
AML Translocation Panel
Philadelphia Chromosome (BCRABL) Detection
Philadelphia Chromosome (BCRABL) Quantitation*
Bone Marrow Karyotyping Peripheral Blood Karyotyping
KRAS Mutation Detection (Condon 12 & 13) – Blood
KRAS Mutation Detection (Condon 12 & 13) – Paraffin embedded tissue
HER2 new by FISH method*
PML-RARA Mutation Detection

SIgning of MoU with Key partners for Investigations (Blood & Scans)

Lanka Hospitals

Durdans Hospitals

Asiri Hospitals