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Livelihood Development Program – Financial Assistance (FA)


Financial Aid

The patients who attend Apeksha Hospital as outpatients or in-patients are from all over Sri Lanka. A common feature that is seen with these patients is how the disease has pushed them to impoverishment and poverty. The breadwinner being affected by the disease is the main reason, any family member being affected has the same effect as there is frequent travelling and time away from workplace. Every day we get several phone calls as well as patients walking into the office requesting help as they have no means to live.

FA is then provided to patients with cancer by way of Rs 2,500 for a period of six months. This is exclusively given to either initiate a livelihood activity or improve an existing program. The process of obtaining FA is done by completion of a request form submitted with supporting documents verifying it’s a low income family followed by a personal interview with a trained designated counselor – who will follow the progress of the patient through the 6 months that they receive the FA.


Eligible for FA


Used money for


Have started


Not done livelihood/
Used money for
other purposes


passed away after
the FA was granted

Name – Kanthi Ranasinghe
Age – 49
FA period – Feb 2018- July 2018

“My husband is bedridden and I have two sons. When I was diagnosed with cancer I was devastated. We had no income at all. When I applied for Financial Aid I had no idea what I was going to do or start. During my counseling session I stated that I have a ½ acre bare land and maybe I can cultivate something there. Indira Cancer Trust was so kind enough to buy me tea plants to cultivate in that land. I used the money to buy fertilizer and all the necessary things for my tea plantation. Now it has been one year and we have cut the trees for the first round. After the second round I am hoping to packet them and sell. Although I am still financially unstable I have faith that in the long term this is going to bring a lot of success to me”

Name – M.D Kusumaltha Age – 52
FA period – October 2018- March 2019

“I am single and I live with my 83 year old mother. I was working in a factory but after my illness I couldn’t go to work anymore. My brother supports me but he is also married and has two kids. I was thinking of a way to create an income for my self and I heard about ICT and applied for FA. I invested my money on my brother’s retail shop and receive profits every month. I have been able to help myself and also to take care of my mother with that money. Although my health is not in a very good state, this program helped me to chanel my emotions in a more positive aspect”

Program Commenced Feb-19
Total number of FA applications received 508
Total number of patients supported till May 2019 256
Total number waiting for interview 65
Applications Rejected
Inability to contact for interview (3 Phone calls ) 53
Did not come/ unable to come for interview 15
Cannot do any livelihood project 67
Other reasons 54