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Livelihood Development Program – Diriya Hala


Diriya Hala Stalls

One of the main issues identified with the livelihood support was the lack of a regular place of sale for the patients who make different products. The Psychological Counseling, Spiritual & Social Development Unit of the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama and the Department of Social Service, Western Province, initiated Diriya Hala concept to overcome this barrier. The Indira Cancer Trust got involved during the first opening of Diriya hala on 1st April 2018 and has continued to support this effort by having regular Diriya Hala stalls every Wednesday at leading government institutions, coordinating efforts to participate in special Christmas / New Year sales as well as at special gatherings. Dentsu – Grants Group a leading advertising agency in Sri Lanka supported this effort by creating a Diriya Hala Brand.

ICT provides transport to and from to the venue of Diriya Hala, meals and refreshments, as well as a transport re-imbursement so that all income earned will be saved by the patient.

Total Number of Diriya Hala Stalls Conducted upto May 2019
1st Wednesday Sethsiripaya stage 1 52
2nd Wednesday Isurupaya 52
3rd Wednesday Suhurupaya 52
4th Wednesday Sethsiripaya stage II 52
Every Day Apeksha Hospital 15
Special Stalls Other Venues 9

Supporting Livelihood Activity through Purchase of Equipment / Raw Materials & Training

Another aspect of support provided also includes provision of equipment or providing capital to initiate a livelihood activity. This is done after review of each situation.

“I have cancer, so my left arm was amputated. I have a daughter who has a heart problem and needs surgery. I have to look after my family”

Western Province Social Service Department at Apeksha Hospital carried out training to make carpets. ICT provided the Capital Rs 5000 to purchase the raw materials.

“My son has Cancer and I have to look after my family. I can sew and make denim trousers for sale. I have a buyer every month. I need a sewing machine”

ICT donated a sewing machine

Supporting Livelihood Activity through Regular Training

The 10th of every month is the training day at ICT and a pool of specialised resource personnel are available to conduct the training. This initiative was commenced in December 2018 on a regular basis by providing training to make Christmas and other greeting cards.

In addition to monthly training, there was also opportunity given by MAS Holdings for a 5 day training to a team of patients / carers at MAS Design Office in Ratmalana. The training offered an unique opportunity for the team to learn the production of high quality brassieres to an accurate measurement that are now being sold at the Diriya Hala and in addition ICT purchases breast prosthesis to be given to patients who have had a mastectomy.

Supporting Livelihood Activity through obtaining bulk orders of Greeting Cards

An active effort is made by ICT to identify new markets to sell greeting cards related to special occasions.

All top 40 corporate companies were informed of this initiative and support was provided by some of them which resulted in bulk orders of greeting cards.

The Insurance Trust Fund and Mercantile Investments are some of those companies that supported this initiative.