Indira care Service


Funeral Support (FS)

After Many days , months and years battling a disease there comes an occasion where the patient succumbs to the illness. The family then faces many new challenges of trying to give their departed family member a befitting end. We receive requests to support in this instance and hence ICT reviews each case and then supports all the final rites including preparation of body, casket and transport of the body to their respective homes. Some situations where we have been able to help.



The patient is from Galgamuwa and diagnosed with Cancer and staying at the Apeksha Hospital, Maharagama for the last 6 months. His wife has left their 6 month old child with her mother and has been living in the temple and looking after the husband who is warded at the hospital. They used to be in the business of making bricks and now the vocation is at a standstill with no income generated. She was called for an assessment for financial aid but she had indicated her inability to do a livelihood project. There were no other family members to support when the husband died. So Indira cancer Trust supported her.

“I am form Balangoda. My husband passed away 20 years ago. I have uterine cancer and have to come to Apeksha Hospital every 21 days. I sew rugs and I have two sons who are both married and does farming. Traveling to Colombo costs money and getting a transport re-imbursement is definitely a great help for me”