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Educational Scholarship Scheme

This is a program that was initiated in August 2018, especially for children of cancer patients where a monthy allowance of Rs 1000 is given until completion of their education.


Educational Scholarships

Patient selection is done through interview and an annual review of the students and their performance at school is evaluated prior to continuation. In addition at the beginning of the school year all equipment / school bags etc are given to each child.

There was an overall satisfactory response on receiving the educational aid and some of the parents withdrew money from the bank account to pay for tution etc whilst others retained the funds in account for later use.




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Name – Mohomad Adnan Dhul Age – 8 Years
EA Commencement date – September 2018
Mother’s remarks

“ I have been suffering from cancer for so long . Now my initial treatment is over but I am still coming to Apeksha Hospital for follow up treatments. Adnan is my only child. My husband believed that I married him knowing that I had an illness. Therefore he left us. I have been unable to work due to my illness and I’m currently living with my parents. This assistance that I receive every month has been very useful for me to as I have no proper income to spend on my child’s education. Now my only hope is to teach my son well and give him a bright future. I am really grateful for the assistance and hope to receive it every month to fulfill educational needs.”

Name – S. Rasali Rashmi
Age – 6 years
EA Commencement date – October 2018
Mother’s remarks

“ My husband was suffering from cancer and he passed away in December 2018. He was the sole breadwinner of the family and his demise has been very difficult on the family. I had no means of doing a job while he was there as I had to take care of him. When I heard my daughter will be receiving assistance for education it took away a lot of burden from me as it gave some hope for her future. I am hoping to invest this money on her education and I can only hope for better days to come”

Gifts of school books and bags were given to all children receiving Educational Aid in December 2018