Cancer Helpline


No one should have to face cancer alone and we help him or her by listening & befriending.


Total Calls
(until May 2019)

Sri Lanka currently has a few support lines in existence that are run by the state sector, Ministry of Health – Suwaseriya (Health net), Tobacco Quit Line & National Child Protection Agency as well as several NGOs including Sumithrayo, CCC etc. All these deal with issues such as drug, alcohol, tobacco, child abuse and domestic violence, relationship and marital problems, mental health concerns, bullying at school or workplace etc.

People faced with cancer or any other emotional crisis mostly require informal and confidential emotional support which is provided by the Cancer Helpline. In addition this also serves as a focus for obtaining services provided by the Indira Cancer Trust.

Main Function of the Cancer Helpline

Details of calls from December 2016 – May 2019

Total Calls

(Until May 2019)


Total calls received



Type of assistance requested through call

Information 1,972
Hair Donation 20,331
Wig Request 4,216
Breast Prosthesis 974
Educational Scholarships 445
Financial Aid 3,676
Medicine 147
Investigations 251
Other 6,414


Total letters for assistance dispatched after call


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