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Weight of Hair

Although almost everyone was aware of the fact that chemotherapy causes hair loss, it was not until ICT initiated the hair donation programme on a mass scale, involving the famous Ramani Fernando Salons that every person realised that wigs were imported and some people would actually send their hair overseas as a donation to make wigs and the cost of such a wig was exorbitant. The campaign titled ‘Your Hair Can Help Someone Who no Longer has Hair’ was officially launched on 20th of July 2017.

Signing of MoU with Key Partners supporting hair and wig donation

Why Did I donate my Hair?

Well… Why Not? Just to help… Make Someone Happy…
– Charu Theevarathanthri

Why Did I donate my Hair?

To inspire the party who doesn’t have hair and for it to look nice on her…
– Krishanthi Muthuthanthrige

Special Hair Donation Camps Conducted

So many people in Sri Lanka have watched their lustrous locks go under the blades of a scissor and fall to the ground for a cause – cancer. For them, this one act, they felt, could inspire many to donate their tresses to make wigs for those who are undergoing chemotherapy that results in hair loss. It is this act of kindness that has given the opportunity to provide a customized natural hair wig.

Apart from the daily collection of hair at the 15 Ramani Fernando Salons – hair donation camps were conducted on an annual basis.

30th April 2018

Anuradhapura Mahamewna Temple

This event was held at the invitation of the Chief priest at the temple as part of their Wesak Poya religious activities. Over 800 persons donated their hair.

20th January 2019

Ratnapura St. Agnes Balika Maha Vidyalaya, Balangoda

This was organised by the Past Pupils’ Association and the Girl Scouts’ Movement of the school. Over 400 persons donated their hair.