Christmas Day Program at Apeksha Hospital

With the birth of Christianity, Christmas is celebrated with great joy by Christian devotees around the world.  The birth of the Son of God in a normal family symbolizes the better socialization of the core of Christianity, the peace of the world, by spreading the Christian message to the world through the common people. At the core of Christianity is humanity and the noble quality of forgiving one another.  Because of this deep foundation, Christmas is celebrated, not individually, but as a family unit, sharing happiness with everyone. The Indira Cancer Trust did not forget to bring smiles on the faces of the children and entertain the Christmas spirit with them.  St Agnes Girls of Balangoda also participated in this event and we were supported by the Sohan and the x parliament band who supported us with a cheerful voice.  In parallel to this, our brothers and sisters in the hospital wards of Santa Claus were also present at the hospital ward and did not forget to share the joy of Christmas with them